Solidworks Simulation for Real Machines

Recently published by Stone Lake Analytics is this example-filled guide to modeling of multi-component machines.

The principles and techniques detailed are not restricted to Solidworks. Users of most contemporary FEA tools can gain insight from this work. Engineering managers will learn what can be accomplished in fundamental linear-static tools.

The book is an illustration of Stone Lake Analytics’ capabilities and expertise.

Case studies progress through a series of mechanical assemblies. Machine elements from simple pins to chains-over-sheaves to pairs of fluid cylinders are represented in different ways.

Human and computer costs are compared for different solutions against trade-offs in accuracy and presentation.

Color paperback and e-book available from Amazon and select retailers.

Models used in the book can be downloaded here,

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  1. Do you have solution files for Solidworks Simulation for Real Machines?
    I rather not spend days to solve all of them.

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