Solidworks Simulation for Real Weldments

Recently published by Stone Lake Analytics is this brief guide on modeling and simulation of welded structures.

This book outlines how we approach precision modeling and simulation of welded components. The book will prove useful to designers, analysts, and managers to better understand the limitations of common weldment modeling tools and how those limits can be overcome with limited effort.

The reader is shown a progressively more complicated set of examples, showing how and why we model welds accurately and evaluate detailed simulation results.

Color paperback and e-book available from Amazon.

Models used in the book are available here.

2 thoughts on “Solidworks Simulation for Real Weldments”

  1. Hello!

    Is there any chances to aqquire this e-book in a non-Kindle tied e-book format?
    I’m an university student majoring mechanical engineering and wish to learn and understand more of the delicacies of Solidworks in general and ecspecially Simulations.

    1. Once purchased the .mobi file can be downloaded and read on almost any device. Good luck in your studies.

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